Tuesday, May 31, 2016

RAW-(Material) at Weaverville Yoga - WORKSHOP

Dissemination of the RAW-(Material) project as pedagogical method to investigate the Self as medium for art, then the Self in relationship to the raw materials of nature and the environment as method for artistic creation.

Living Art Workshop

The Living Art workshop took place at the Weaverville Yoga studio space on Sunday May 15 at 2 – 5pm. Its purpose was to demonstrate the working method I have utilized throughout the Raw-(Material) project – beginning with the pedagogical structure I have developed to investigate the Self as medium for art, a set of explorations I call Body Tuning – then some of the explorations I have developed for the investigation of Self in relationship with Other, which I call Creative Response.
Within the context of the RAW-(Material) project, Other has been the raw materials of nature and the environment.

The workshop was three hours long. So I decided to use the first two hours in a brief introduction to almost all of my Body Tuning explorations. Rather than going in-depth on just a few of them, I wanted to introduce all the concepts to the workshop participants so that they would have some working knowledge of the whole.
In the third hour we applied this knowledge of the body to interaction and relationship with nature and the environment. Ending with a movement and sound improvisation utilizing the discoveries that resulted from the afternoon’s explorations.

Workshop Description

Living Art workshop description

Workshop Images

Living Art workshop – images

Workshop Video Documentation

Living Art workshop - video
camera – tripod set-up (CEB & Diana Brewster) plus clips from Kima Moore (3)

(introduction is missing from video 3 – where I introduce the concept behind the Creative Response game “Creative Synesthesia” – information about this exploration can be found in the text files below)

Pedagogy Text Files

The text in these files describes the basic format of all the exploration exercises I facilitated at the Weaverville Yoga studio Living Art workshop. In the context of this workshop they were adapted to suit the specific goals of the RAW-(Material) project and the individuals participating.

Living Art workshop – exploration descriptions

Body Tuning


Joint Spirals


Transfer of Weight

Quality of Motion



Body Soundz

Creative Response

Creative Synesthesia 

Environmental Response – Atmosphere 

Closing with guided improvisation.  

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