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RAW-(Material): EARTHDAY

Dissemination of the RAW-(Material) project as a durational performance installation

RAW-(Material): EarthDay at Interlude Asheville

RAW-(Material): EarthDay was a twelve hour durational performance installation that took place between the hours of 12 noon – 12 midnight on Earth Day Saturday, April 23rd 2016. The event was part of a month-long series produced by the Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center, together with the MAP (Media Arts Project) called Interlude Asheville. This series was named after the periods of time that Joseph Albers would occasionally declare for the students and faculty at Black Mountain College – to go off and do their own thing. A break from the regular curriculum to pursue whatever interested them.

Interlude Asheville website:

My proposal for this series was to sustain a performance of the RAW-(Material) project as a twelve hour installation with performers rotating in and out throughout the duration. (My proposal was under my organization name Cilla Vee Life Arts)

Cilla Vee Life Arts at Interlude Asheville:


Most of the RAW-(Material) journal entries have been about going out to interact with nature in the outdoor environment. But for this event, I gathered nature objects from the regional Appalachian springtime and used them to create an indoor environment.
I invited artists who have been participating in my workshops or who I regularly collaborate with in the Asheville NC and Knoxville TN arts communities.

There was no rehearsal for the event, instead I sent the performers specific instructions that they could interpret as they wished, as long as they kept within those parameters.

Earthday – performer instructions:

Audience members were free to come and go throughout the twelve-hour period. I even provided a little picnic area on white, fluffy blankets with beverages and snacks. I invited my friends to come and join the “picnic in the woods” and had the event double as my birthday party!

Earthday – images (Barbara Schauer, Ashley Long, Joel Parton, Sara Baird & Sienna Weigel)

The following videos show segments of the installation over the twelve-hour time period. Most of this footage was captured by a fixed camera set on a tripod.
These segments show how the performance metamorphosized over time, a constant improvisation in response to a multitude of contributing factors – both consciously and unconsciously acknowledged in motion, sound and word.

Earthday - videos

1 – Call of the Frogs

2 – Water Flows

3 – The Stones Have Voices

4 – A Giants’ Back Obliterates the Land

5 – Community Rituals

6 – Blossom Petals Blow In

7 – Siren Bacchanalia

8 – Voice of the Trees

9 – Ecological Psychedelia

more EarthDay! (video by Ashley Long) -

RAW-(Material): EarthDay performers:

Julie Becton-Gillum – director of Legacy Butoh
Rachel Shlafer-Parton – multi-instrumental musician and composer, sign-language interpreter
John Brinker – sound artist and DJ “Delta Quadrant”
Randi Janelle – writer, poet, yoga instructor
Jim Julien & Jocelyn Reese – performance artists, producers of the Asheville Fringe Festival
Richard Brewster – modular synthesizer maker
Diana Brewster – web and graphic designer
Deb Pollard – singer and chef
Elisa Faires – performance artist, singer and music teacher
Cheryl Barnes – visual artist
Liz Lang – singer, composer and sound artist “Auracene”
Nina Furrini – schoolteacher and Chinese interpreter
Chandra Shukla – musician, composer and record producer “Xambuca”
Chloe Harnett-Hargrove – dance student

Performer agreements and comments -

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