Friday, June 3, 2016

RAW-(Material) - BUTOH

Dissemination of the RAW-(Material) project as a Butoh performance piece.

The weekend after the RAW-(Material): Self as Living Art presentations at Weaverville Yoga studio, my musical collaborator for those events, Elisa Faires, spontaneously invited me to come and do a Butoh version of the project. It was for an experimental music and Butoh dance event curated by Cher Von from Cincinnati at a local Asheville music venue, The Sly Grog.

For this performance, I decided to use all the foliage left over from EarthDay – which now had a kind of dry, crunchy texture – as well as projected images of the pictures I had used in the digital picture frame for the installation at Weaverville Yoga studio.
We also kept the idea of asking for audience response to nature objects from the basket we had used for the performance at Weaverville Yoga.


RAW-(Material): BUTOH - video
performance with Elisa Faires – musician
May 20 2016
Butoh & music event curated by Cher Von
The Sly Grog – Asheville NC
camera – Cher Von


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