Monday, May 30, 2016

RAW-(Material) at Weaverville Yoga - INSTALLATION

Dissemination of the RAW-(Material) journal series as a media installation.

The RAW-(Material) installation was open for viewing before and after each live event at Weaverville Yoga studio, in the studio office space, May 14 & 15 2016.

The purpose of this installation was to invite the audience into my process, to be able to view any of the journal entries at their leisure, to peruse through my videos, images and text journal entries in a personal interaction. It was set up in the office space at the studio to create the context of being in someone’s private workspace, an intimate invitation.

In keeping with the honesty of a journal and the concept of the project as my “material culture”, I utilized the materials available and accessible to me to present the work.
Each video piece was burned onto a DVD, given a hand-written title and displayed in a sleeve case on the office desk.
Two old-school TV monitors with DVD players were provided to play the disks on.
I selected images from all the journal entries and created a slide show that was displayed on digital picture frame placed on top of the desk shelves.
A black leather journal containing my narrative and poetic text journal entries was placed on the middle shelf with a magnifying glass that lights up.
I placed colorful sticky notes on the shelves with instructions to the viewer.

Event Description

installation description

Video Documentation

installation documentation video
camera – CEB & Diana Brewster

Contents of Slide Show

RAW-(Material) installation slideshow images

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