Tuesday, May 3, 2016

CIRCLE MODERN DANCE - Performance Piece

Dissemination of Living Art pedagogy as a working method of instruction and facilitation for performance development – using the RAW-(Material) project to provide theme and context.

Living Art workshop and Raw Material performance piece with Circle Modern Dance

In 1991 I was involved in founding the dance theatre company Circle Modern Dance in Knoxville TN and served as co-director, dancer, choreographer and teacher with the company until the year 2000. Now, in 2016, the company is still going strong and celebrating its 25th anniversary with a whole year of special programming.

As part of the celebrations, CMD received funding to invite the founding directors back to work with the company again during this anniversary year.
I decided to incorporate my RAW-(Material) project and Living Art pedagogy into my work with the company as a guest artist.
I introduced them to the project with a solo performance piece for their winter show “Modern Dance Primitive Light” in December, then returned in March to teach a Living Art workshop and structure a performance piece they could continue to develop using the tools provided by the Living Art method.


On May 19th, members of the company performed a short version of the resulting piece for a CMD fundraising event. http://knoxfocus.com/2016/05/12330/

The narrative arch of the piece is a story of personal evolution and individuation.
Beginning as a primordial mass, the dancers gradually each take on their own form and character in response and relationship with other forms of nature and the environment.
Utilizing the Living Art tools from the workshop to investigate the Self as raw material and its relationship to other raw materials, the dancers each developed their own role in this piece.
The piece is structured in such a way that it is a pliable, plastic, adjustable entity that can constantly be developed.

This is their inaugural version.

RAW-(Material): Evolution
Circle Modern Dance 
May 19 2016
The Emporium – Knoxville TN


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