Friday, June 3, 2016


MFA presentation in collaboration with Robyn Thomas
July 26 at 7-8pm
Transart Institute Summer Residency 2016
Uferstudios Berlin
Studio 14
Moderated by Laura Gonzalez

Dialogue: a conversation between two.
Conversation: interactive, spontaneous communication; important to socialization.
Socialization: a continuing process by which an individual acquires a personal identity
through responsive acts.
Response: any behavior that results from an external or internal stimulus.

Part One: interactive, spontaneous, and responsive conversation[s] between the artists,
spectators, and raw materials of self portrayal across an expansive space.
The raw materiality of the Self performed through a continual process of responsive
exploration of fragments of art, life, and space as collaborators and authors reforming
the otherwise distinct roles within the subject-object relationship until they merge as one entity, comprised of many fragments, no longer purely subject or object.

Part Two: a dialogue between Claire Elizabeth Barratt and Robyn Thomas, moderated
by Laura Gonzalez, addressing the conversation[s] of Part One in conjunction to the
overlapping ideas explored by Ms. Barratt and Ms. Thomas in their individual work.

The performance / installation consisted of:

Panel pieces of Robyn's Sonata Series paintings
Text from Claire's journal, pertaining to the body - reconstructed by Robyn
Sound installation of vocal sounds by Claire
Mini projector displaying a slide-show of Robyn's Sonata paintings and Claire's Head and Hand images
Fabric pieces with prints from Robyn's Twinning paintings
Live movement interaction by Claire
Live text reading by Robyn 
Long mirror
Small mirror fragments
Audience interaction with all pieces
Live video feed of details projected onto large screen 

Followed by moderated discussion with Dr Laura Gonzalez

Video documentation of event (camera Stephanie Reid, Omar Shoukri)

Event images (by Anne Labovitz, Lindey Anderson, Margaret Hart, Alex Slota): 

Slide-show images:

Text - Claire's text mash-up by Robyn:

Sound - Claire's vocal mix:


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