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December … I am invited to return as a “guest of honor” to the dance company I co-founded & co-directed for ten years. Circle Modern Dance – Knoxville TN is having its 25th Anniversary celebration this year. I return to perform in the annual winter concert Modern Dance / Primitive Light at the beautiful Laurel Theatre.
I bring a live performance of RAW-(Material). Six performances – each one utilizing the material developed throughout the project so far in a ten-minute in-the-moment composition.


#23 RAW-(Material)
MODERN DANCE PRIMITIVE LIGHT 2015 – Circle Modern Dance  

Raw-(Material) live at MDPL - video
date – December 16 – 19 2015
location – Laurel Theater, Knoxville TN
camera – various (colleagues, audience, self)

6 Sat 2

7 Fri 1 – videographer Norman Madgen   

The Daily Times
Circle Modern Dance Brings Back another founder for “Primitive Light”
By Steve Wildsmith

Tableau Knoxville
A New Christmas Tradition:
A Review of Circle Modern Dance's Primitive Light
By Leslie Ann Ellingburg

Audience comments and feedback - 

January – NYC – Transart Institute Winter Residency.
My MFA peer Andrea Spaziani curates an event of temporal mayhem & magic in The Gym at Judson Church – title: SPACEBODIES.
As a live performance for SpaceBodies, I proposed to continue my exploration of the Raw Materials of Self in the context of Light & Space as interrogation of Self - a naked body in complete blackness, searching the emptiness of space with movement & sound. Dispersed throughout the environment are sources of light (flashlights, matches, candles etc), which are each engaged briefly as a tool for self-illumination.

#24 RAW-(Material) – light & space
SPACEBODIES NY – Transart Institute
(curated by Andrea Spaziani)

Raw-(Material) – light & space – images
date – January 10 2016
location – Judson Gym, NYC
camera – Raul Barcelona

Every year in the brutal New England winter, a multitude of performers, musicians, dancers and video projection artists invade a small town in Massachusetts and perform a series of improvised collaborations … this is XFEST!
In this collaborative improvisation, I use layers of clothing to symbolize the peeling off of layers of skin.

XFEST Improvisation Festival

#36 Skin Peeling:

Skin Peeling at XFEST! – video
date – February 26 2016
location – XFEST improvisation festival – City Hall, Holyoke MA
camera – tripod set-up
collaborators – Audrey Chen, I’d m Theftable, Christos Koulendros, Michael Peters, Laura Frare
(entire performance)


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